How To Use Apple Cash To Pay Apple Card

Are you new to the world of Apple? Or you just haven’t been able to wrap your head around how to use Apple cash to pay Apple Card. In this easy guide, I would show you how to get this done without much hassle.

What Is Apple Cash?

In case you are a complete newbie, I guess it would be nice to explain some of these basic Apple terms. By the way, you would come across them really often.

But if you aren’t a newbie to these words, you could scroll down really quickly to see the steps on how to use Apple Cash to pay Apple Card.

So if you are reading this line, chances are that you are a newbie to Apple. Permit me to say “Welcome to the Apple side of life.” I’m pretty much aware that getting your hands around the entire Apple product line could be daunting at first. But don’t worry, you would get used to all of it pretty soon.

Apple Cash… what is this stuff?

For Apple, convenience seems to be the driving force; and that’s where Apple Cash comes in. So, imagine sending and receiving money right there just by using the Messages App. That’s basically what Apple Cash is.

You could also fatten the balance on your Apple cash just by receiving or adding money from your debit card.

And in case you are wondering why all of this is necessary… Remember the word ‘CONVENIENCE.’

This means straight from your Apple Cash balance; you can make purchases just about anywhere Apple Pay is accepted as a payment means.

Now, guess I got you wondering how exactly does Apple Cash work?

Okay… you could almost liken Apple Cash to your debit card. Just that in this case, it isn’t physical.

Apple Cash can then be used to make purchases, send and receive funds through the Messages App, and receive those yummy cash backs when you use the Apple credit card.

Speaking of Apple credit cards, I guess now is a good time to also talk about that.

Remember, you can scroll down to “How To Use Apple Cash To Pay Apple Card” if all of these aren’t what you came here for.

What is Apple Credit Card?

When it comes to the Apple credit card, Apple’s website has ten different “Nos” for its beautifully designed credit card. And when it comes to credit cards, are you aware that you could travel for free just by using your credit card points?

Apple card launched sometime in 2019, and aside from its versatility, the card comes as both a virtual and physical card. Like most other credit cards, you get daily cash backs when you make purchases using the Apple card.

How To Use Apple Cash To Pay Apple Card

Now let’s get into how exactly you can pay your Apple card using Apple cash. When it comes to using your Apple Cash balance, you should be aware that if the balance on your Apple Cash is lesser than the payment amount that has to be made, the remaining balance would be deducted from your specified bank account.

These are however the steps to follow to use Apple Cash to pay for an Apple card.

Step 1: On your iPhone, launch the Wallet app and tap on Apple card

Step 2: Tapon the Pay button

Step 3: Decide on the amount to pay, and tap on the Pay button

Step 4: Toggle on the Apple Cash switch

Step 5: Tap on the Back button

Step 6: Press your ‌iPhone‌’s side button to authenticate the payment using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode

Remember that you can also toggle off the Apple Cash switch if you no longer want to make payments for your Apple card using Apple Cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you transfer Apple cash to Apple Card?

Yes, you can easily transfer Apple cash to Apple card

  • Can I use Apple Cash to pay Apple Pay?

Apple Cash has a variety of functionalities. It can be used to send and receive in the wallet App, make purchases using Apple Pay and also receive cash back from Apple card.